Now Selling On Amazon

C2P Strain is now selling on Amazon! An individual pack which containts 1 pour spout and 5 mesh screens, a house painting pack which contains 1 pour spout and 25 mesh screens, and a contractor pack which contains 3 pour spouts and 15 mesh screens. Customers are raving about the paint strainer selling on Amazon for the following reasons!
Selling on Amazon means NO MORE PARTICLES – This strainer will remove any and all particles that are unwanted in your paint. Even something as small as the width of your hair will not make it through! Dirt, particles, lumps, or any debris that can affect your paint job will be eliminated. Paint without worry!
Selling on Amazon means TWO IN ONE – Not only is this product able to filter through whatever debris that may be in your paint, it allows an easy, mess free pour. You won’t have to worry about paint spilling down the side of the can and making a mess ever again. Pour directly from your can to your paint tray. When you pour out your paint, the mesh screen catches all the unwanted clumps & debris.
Selling on Amazon means CONVENIENT & STURDY – This resuable strainer snaps onto any one-gallon paint can making it secure and easy to use. It stays on when your pour so there is no hassle trying hold the can and worrying about dropping it. It is easy and sturdy allowing fast straining and minimal messes.
Selling on Amazon means HIGH QUALITY – These filters are made of a durable mesh that will not tear or rip. The pour spout is durable, allowing it to be used repeatedly. We have a patent pending design that ensures the strainer will always stay in place. It is lightweight, strong, and impact resistant.

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